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Forums » Ukraine & Moldova » Ukraine is one of my dream travel destinations


Ukraine is one of my dream travel destinations

by /bio/russell41 »


Ukraine has always been one of my dream travel destinations. Just recently, I’ve been given a big bonus at my current job and through hard work and careful planning, I’ve finally have the budget and time to travel to the city of Ukraine of my own choice. I was thinking of Kiev or Odessa but I simply got too excited in figuring out which city to head to first. When I tried searching for plane tickets and possibly some promotions on air fare, I came across this upcoming “international dating social event” held in Ukraine this upcoming April. Getting an agency to handle everything while meeting some gorgeous women at the same time sounds like a great idea for my first travel experience to Ukraine. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually gone out socially to interact with some women since I’ve been so caught up with work. I think I’ll go ahead and book a ticket right now. But first, I’ll do what I’ve always done and hear some opinions from strangers on the internet. Come on, fellas. What are your thoughts on this? If you got any suggestions, that would be grand! Thanks in advance!