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Forums » Ukraine & Moldova » Where to eat in Kiev? Any suggestions?


Where to eat in Kiev? Any suggestions?

by /bio/andrewq1 »


I’ve been looking forward to visiting Kiev in a few months. I’ll be tagging along with a friend of mine who’s attending a romance tour being held there. While he has a fixed itinerary during his visit, I don’t have anything. I was planning on exploring the city on my own. I don’t really have a big budget for the trip, so hiring a guide will only cost me more.


I’ve heard that there are a lot of delicious dishes around. Any suggestions where to eat? I’m not a picky eater but I’m more of the meat lover kind of person. What traditional dishes are recommended for tourists? What are some good places to check out while I’m there?


I would love to hear all of your ideas. Thanks in advance for your replies.