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London Travel Map

by /bio/susanbriges »

Hey guys,


My daughter and I are traveling to London at the end of this month to celebrate her new promotion. I am in my 50s and she is in her late 20s so I’m trying to devise a trip that best suits both of our wants! We’ll be there for a week and really want to make the most out of our trip - so I’m asking to you guys for some recommendations on the best things we can do. We love all the instagram looking places, we love to shop and love things like rooftop bars. I’m a little bit creative so I’ve made a little map with some of my plans so far and want to know if it looks okay? And info about the places or more websites I can use to find places we can go would be great! (Some of the resources are very tourist-y and we don’t want that too much!!)

Let me know what you guys think about these places :)


Susan :)


  1. HOPPERS “This Sri Lankan gem is incredibly popular for its excellent quality and reasonable prices. So put your name on the waiting list and enjoy a drink over the road. It's well worth the wait”

  2. CULPEPER ROOF GARDEN  “A great bar on the rooftop of the Culpeper in Commercial Street.”

  3. SKETCH “Gastronomic playground in Mayfair housing four restaurants of outlandish decor.” - This places looks cool, but I’ve not heard much about it? Anyone been?

  4. Shoreditch - We read about there being nice street art and other things similar here - is it worth a visit?

  5. HIPCHIPS - apparently they do lots of variety of chips and my daughter wants to check it out and I’m game! I found it here

  6. I saw here that BOROUGH MARKET is a fun thing to do. Does anyone have any info for exploring it fully?

  7. And ofcourse shopping!! We’re going to head to Portobello Road thanks to the info provided on here


Thanks for reading guys and I hope you like my map and I’d love your recommendations to add to it and I’ll share with you my full map after we come back!!



RE: London Travel Map

by /bio/melissa.james »

Hi Susan, the photo looks great, for your next visit there are many cool and new places to eat in London, I just returned from a trip there and found some great eateries on here