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Medieval England siggestions

by /bio/rcrios »

We are planning a trip to England. 2 adults and 1 child. We will have 12 nights to spend on the trip. We like to know well the places we visit, without rushing.

I plan on staying from 4 to 6 nights in London, and the rest traveling. We would like to know places with history, especially those related to medieval England.

I am in doubt if I stay in London and do short trips (daytrips / overnights) or if I go north and do the same from York (or another suggestion). We will arrive in London in December.

The idea is not to cling so much to historical rigor, because I think it would make my wife and daughter bored. But why not, along with history include a little legends and fairy tales?


RE: Medieval England siggestions

by /bio/regencyhouseuk »

London is a very old city and it has a rich Roman History, you can find it here Discover London’s Roman History, The Museum of London located in the Barbican near St Paul’s Cathedral, contains many displays relating to the area’s Roman history as well as countless objects that have been found over the years.