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Forums » Utah » Bryce Canyon vs. Zion?


Bryce Canyon vs. Zion?

by nero »

Alas, I only have time for one. Can anyone say which is more interesting to see and hike? Thanks.


RE: Bryce Canyon vs. Zion?

by paweber »

I've been to both and if I have to pick one over the other it would be Bryce Canyon. But don't take my word for it - go online and look at photos from both parks then make up your own mind.


RE: Bryce Canyon vs. Zion?

by i80toi15 »

Hi Nero,

Now that I have my login worked out I can try answering.

You don't say how much time you have, so it is hard to say whether you really only have time for one.  Maybe you could see them both??

Bryce would be easier to see in a short visit.  So if you only have half to a full day you might want to concentrate on it.  It is eye candy and really easy to fall in love with.  But it is a small park, and with only one essential trail of 2-3 hrs length you could see the most important areas in a short visit.

But if you are coming from or heading back to Las Vegas, then you could be heading right through Zion anyway. While Zion is a much larger park with much more to see, it is still possible to visit it and get a taste in about a 3 hr time frame.  Or even just taking the road (route 9) through the park is a beautiful drive.  

SO, how much time exactly do you have and where are you coming from and heading to??


RE: Bryce Canyon vs. Zion?

by /bio/alma-jol »

I agree with Bryce. A spectacular place, a real don't miss. Have fun---you're going to one of the most beautiful areas of the US!