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Forums » Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos » 10 things you should know before coming to Vietnam


10 things you should know before coming to Vietnam

by leomasley »

10 things you should know before coming to Vietnam

1. Via Road:

 To overcome this difficult challenge, slowly settle into the car under the road, keep the speed steady, don't hesitate, don't stop, don't text by phone or see the map on the road. The vehicle will automatically adjust to you.

2. Be careful with dog meat, cat meat: You will be very easy to eat if you do not pay attention. Learn Vietnamese beforehand for these two words to distinguish. Although in 1997 there was a law that didn't consume cat meat, this dish still appeared a lot. There are also smugglers from China and Laos to Vietnam. On the menu, cat meat is called "Little Tiger".

3. Vietnamese: The USD / VND exchange rate is about 22,000. Foreign guests must try to note the numbers to tip for accuracy. The secret is you should remember the color of each type of money to avoid confusion.

4. Proper pronunciation of "pho": This delicious dish is everywhere. You should try to learn the correct pronunciation to avoid misunderstandings when ordering.

5. Seasonal preparation: In the summer, the weather in Vietnam is hot and humid, so you can leave your jeans at home. In winter, North Vietnam is very cold, you should wear a thick jacket. Take a look at the weather forecast before you leave, and bring an umbrella in case it rains.

6. Ask for taxi rates, tour guides in advance: If your group has 3 people, the price may be equal or cheaper than buying a tour if you rent a car and guide yourself. When organizing a private tour, you can decide for yourself when to leave the hotel, where to eat, where to go, when to return to the hotel ..., and with the tour, you can't do this.

7. Careful taxi umbrellas: At the airport there are many taxis scam. You should book a taxi at the hotel to avoid overcharging. You also don't have to pay tolls, so if the driver asks you to pay, refuse. Drivers in Vietnam often do not obey traffic laws. Ask them not to talk on the phone while driving, as they can drive the wrong way and charge higher than the actual, not to mention dangerous.

8. Passport for at least 6 months: You need to make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your arrival in Vietnam. A passenger sitting next to me on a flight to Hanoi was denied entry because his passport was limited to more than 5 months. Customs officers in Vietnam are very strict in this.

9. There are many ways to apply for a visa: You can mail your passport to the Vietnamese embassy in Washington, DC, and take about a month to get a visa. You can also apply for a visa upon arrival, but you will need a visa approval letter for entry visa services for about $ 50.

10. Buying a Vietnamese sim phone on arrival: You can buy a sim phone at the airport. Once used up, you can buy a card at any street corner. You can also use free applications to make calls, text messages if Wi-Fi is available. However, be sure to turn off roaming before using Wi-Fi.

Nha Trang to da lat - nha trang to hoi an - nha trang to mui ne - nha trang to sai gon


RE: 10 things you should know before coming to Vietnam

by huongquynh61533 »

Vietnam is my 6th destination!

And also the place left in me most impressed. Probably because Vietnam is not like other western countries

When northern Vietnam is the cultural center of the whole nation, tourist can broaden their mind with the diverse tradition of the beautiful Asian country. By being a Hanoi to Hoi An explorer, you have a nice chance to not only learn about the spiritual north of Vietnam but also discover the flavors of Centre Vietnam. Especially, the moment when you immerse yourself in the middle of the stone plateau and mountains in your discovery North-East Vietnam, you will immediately fall for the majestic nature.

As a gourmet, it’s unacceptable if you miss a South vietnam tours which will blow your mind with such the flavors of Vietnam. As a matter of fact, no one can ignore the amazing art of cuisine in this spectacular land. In fact, by knowing that food is the soul of Vietnam culture, you can tell how special it is. That’s the reason why Vietnamese cuisine rise in popularity and conquer the heart of every single food lovers.

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