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Cham buoi dien ra hoa

by /bio/buoidienbaominh »

After a cold, cold period lasting many consecutive days before the Lunar New Year, the days after the weather was sunny, so far most of the pomelos in the business period are in flora. This is a sensitive period for grapefruit and is important, deciding the percentage of fruiting in the tree. Therefore, proper care of this stage will be a prerequisite for good productivity and good quality for the whole year.


- Moisture and nutrition: It is necessary to maintain sufficient soil moisture for buds, flowers to develop well, if drought, it is necessary to irrigate 7-10 days, especially the stage of flowering plants to beans. young fruits. Use some foliar fertilizers such as Botrac, One Bo, Xo Cam, Atonik, ... spray before the flowers bloom and after fading petals (2-3 times). After fruit, in April to apply fertilizer at the rate of 1 - 1.5 kg NPK12.5.10 / tree (depending on the age and strength of the plant). How to apply: Tattoo the soil from the canopy into the root, 40-50 cm from the root to not hurt the roots and then sprinkle the stool or use the crowbar to poke holes into the hole. Apply irrigation water, straw, corn stalks scattered in the canopy, 40-45cm from the tree.


- Additional pollen: Use other flowers to flower pollen to pollinate, for Doan Hung pomelo source of chalk is taken from sour grapefruit flowers or grapefruit flowers (use fresh flowers, fresh colors, use pistil and pistil, leave behind and pollinate soon), pollinators can be supplemented several times during the blossoming. With low flowers that can be used for hand, with higher flowers can be ladder, support for pollinating is favorable or can use poles and make a point can plug flowers grapefruit, grapefruit go there and conduct pollination. Each flower received from 8-10 grapefruit pomelos Doan Hung. For normal sunny days, pollination time is from 8am to 3pm, best from 9-10am. This is a very important measure, which determines the rate of fruiting and is very effective for large-sized pomelo orchards.


- Checking and preventing pests and diseases timely, because this stage of pomelos is sensitive to external conditions and pests so be aware of early detection and prevention. A pest often occurs as a phenomenon of rotten flowers, rotten fruit, rotten root origin if the moisture is many days consecutive days in March 2.3. Use of Aliette; Ridomil, Score, ...; Crested insect, worm eat leaf when young buds, use drugs Rigent, Cofidor, ... Apts use Supracid, Actara, ...; Pay particular attention to the damage of spider types, they not only shed fruit, but also cause fruit melting effect to color, shape and magnitude later. Use Comite; Alfamite, Ortus, ...

Buoi Dien

- Trimming: After fertilizing the fruit, pruning the diseased branches, the branches sprouting together, sprouting ... Can be pruned in about 5.6, after fruit drop physiological fruit The tree is relatively stable. Trimming the fruit deformation, pests, small fruit in the wrong beam to facilitate fruit distribution evenly on the canopy, will help fruit to size later.