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Forums » Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos » Discover Halong Bay


Discover Halong Bay

by /bio/pham_yen »

Welcome to the tourism discover Halong Bay. Tourism explore Ha Long Bay is one of the tourist destinations most attractive. in recent years as Ha Long Bay has always been the magazine world famous tourist attraction boss Rating of visitors and more particularly after Vietnam's Halong Bay is organizing "new7wonder" look Ha Long Bay of Vietnam is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world has helped promote the image of Ha Long Bay tour out thees instructions, as well as the image of Vietnam tourism joint it. Ha Long Bay you will always see the cruise ships take guests to visit the bay with the program guide tour like Halong Cruises, Halong Tours were very familiar to travelers to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam. In many years down the dragon is the leading travel company transnational visitors from all over the world have added Bay as a prominent destination in the tour itinerary of tourists. Halong eg fly - Thailand, Halong Bay - Hanoi - Singapore .... Thereby see Halong Bay is an address increasingly attracts tourists to what extent. If you are planning a trip to visit her, Halong Bay tour choose to schedule trips offline. It not only through words but it's pretty nice through the perception of each individual travelers to visit Halong Bay.


RE: Discover Halong Bay

by /bio/azooki_traveller »

You are right. Its recent history offers a great amount of interest and its stunning natural beauty is truly breath-taking. The best way to see the wonderful sceneries of Halong Bay is to explore it via cruising. You will pass some rock islands, caves and spectacular beaches. You get to enjoy the crystal blue-green waves pounding to the cruise ship and make you feel like Jack Sparrow who aims for the golden treasure. Relax while adoring the picture perfect cliffs and mountainous islands that weren’t touched by any hunter.