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Forums » Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos » The most appropriate time to travel Halong Bay?


The most appropriate time to travel Halong Bay?

by /bio/pham_yen »

Halong Bay in northern Vietnam, has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter obviously. Almost at any time throughout the year can also Halong Bay cruise, the best of which will be approximately from April to December 10. The weather in these months is quite cool and pleasant.   Although such but you can come here in the winter months of 12, 1 and May 2. The weather can be a little cold and cloudy, sometimes rainy. And in the summer but there are so many tourists come here to rest and sightseeing, but sometimes in a crowded place is more interesting is deserted. But during the summer months from May to October, temperatures rise and you may encounter storms during the rainy season.  

RE: The most appropriate time to travel Halong Bay?

by /bio/keith-valentina »

Gathering Ideas of the Best Time for Ha Long Travelling

Comment 1:

Ha Long bay lies on the Gulf of Tonkin hand has four clear seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Almost time in year, you may travel Ha Long but best time is in period from April to October. Weather on these months is quite cool and comfortable.

However, you can visit here in winter in December, January and February. The weather is quite cold and cloudy. It is quite interesting to enjoy Ha Long space in low season. From May to October, the temperature increases and you may meet storms in rainy season.

Comment 2:

Ha Long bay is a part of the Gulf of Tonkin- four seasons, especially in winter from November to March in the following year, it is very cold and in summer from April to October, it is very hot.

Thanks to the distinct division of the weather so that at any time, Ha Long is an attractive tourist destination. If visitors are Vietnamese, the best time is in summer (from April to October) each year. The winter is an attractive season for foreign tourists.

Summer is main tourism season of Ha Long, you should travel in following periods: from March to May and from August to October and should not go in June or July because of below reasons:

- Weekends of June and July are rush days, a huge number of tourists come Ha Long; thus you will feel uncomfortable and high-sky service rates.

- As usual, storms often pour in the Gulf of Tonkin in June and July.

- If due to some reasons such as vacation, but you are required to travel Ha Long in June and July, then you should hire a travel company to organize tour and they will help you minimize such these weaknesses.