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Forums » Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos » WELCOME VIETNAM TOUR



by /bio/nerovnn »

Looking for your next vacation of a lifetime? Book here now! All-Inclusive's, Vietnam Tour packages, M.I.C.E package, Cruises, Hotels, Car Rentals and more! Book right from the comfort of your own home. WELCOME VIETNAM TOUR is one of the professional and most reputable travel agencies in Viet Nam. We established in Ha Noi (Viet Nam) in 2006.We have been in operation successfully with more than fifty partnering agencies worldwide.



by /bio/cattienjunglelodge »

Vietnam is one of the best destination for traveling in the world. There are few places that are really attracted to the travelers. You are visiting the Vietnam in summer, you must visit the Cat tien national park. It is different from other places. You can enjoy boat riding, feel nature's lap and seen the animals, birds and plants easily.This park will also bring you across the Vietnamese tribal life. One more important thing is that trekking in spa. This place will surely introduce you with the locals of Vietnam because you have to cross several villages and you will have to opt for homestay to complete the trek.