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Forums » Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos » welcome you to the country Vietnam


welcome you to the country Vietnam

by /bio/pham_yen »

Hi everyone. I was Phan Anh, a son homeland Vietnam Country. I want to share with you about our homeland. A country with S-shaped strip of land with a culture imbued with national identity, and there are very beautiful natural landscape and one of it's famous Halong Bay. This is one of the most beautiful bays is evaluated in the world and is the celebrity magazine voted on tourism. I want to share with you how to visit this beautiful bay area. To be able to visit in this bay you can choose to visit the bay during the day or choose sightseeing halong 2-days tour, you will be rewarded .. discover what the most beautiful natural gift for bay This. On Halong Bay you will encounter a lot of tourist ships take visitors bay. These tours take visitors on tours often called gulf halong bay cruise. Vietnam always welcome you to our country.


RE: welcome you to the country Vietnam

by /bio/azooki_traveller »

You are correct, Pham_yen. Its recent history offers a great amount of interest and its stunning natural beauty is truly breath-taking. Vietnam still evokes very recent memories and its labyrinth of adventure together with this mystique is a country which attracts visitors from all over the world. It is this, together with the vibrancy of the cities and incredible beaches which makes Vietnam a unique destination to experience. Thailand is known to have the best architectural structures in the Indochina region. The grandest palaces and towering temples can be seen in different parts of Thailand such as Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Kanchanaburi. There are also artifacts and relics that were preserved by the local people. It continues to attract and inspire visitors, with some writers and photographers gathering to witness its natural beauty. You really must see it with your own eyes to truly grasp and appreciate its wonder.