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Forums » Virginia » Another voice in favor of Colonial Williamsburg


Another voice in favor of Colonial Williamsburg

by marcel »

Really enjoying the blogs on Colonial Williamsburg—its the ultimate American "tourist trap." The best of the best if you're into this.

Second is Gettysburg I will add...

I would have loved to have called and taken up the rest of the program...

 One of the joys of Williamsburg is to stay in one of the houses/inns on the property.

Our last and best stay had us at the Market Square Tavern. This is the same space as shared by Thomas Jefferson when he was attending The College of William and Mary. This is authentic in that it's really quite original and the common space still has pine boards over two feet wide, not possible today.

One of the minor pleasures is that on these buildings is a small plate saying "no public entry" so going in and out of these places raises the eyebrows of the "commoners."

Such fond memories! Visiting last time to the print shop, we were there when the Master was out of the shop for lunch. The rest of the crew was supposed to set up a two-color-print job that had just been found to have been printed in Williamsburg. They were lost, I asked if I could help being a color printer... they said yes and I was allowed behind the gate. I showed them how to set up what they were supposed to do.

We were just finishing when the Master returned... Who's that? What's this? Would you get back on the other side!

What really ticked off the Master was we wasted no paper and he didn't know what I had done, yes!

Some very satisfied folks to be sure...


RE: Another voice in favor of Colonial Williamsburg

by /bio/allieabroad »

Williamsburg is beautiful!

I attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg. What a beautiful town. The picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks mixed with local activities make this a great choice for vacation.

I recently visited and highly recommend Colonial Ghosts Tours, especially to celebrate the Halloween season. We learned a lot of local history mixed with spooky ghost stories.