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Charter bus rental in Washington DC

by leo_lahlou »

According to a study conducted by, around 57% of travel agents are satisfied with their jobs. This figure clearly indicates that travel agents are in demand. The hassle free and budget-friendly services provided by them attract every traveler who doesn’t want to or have time to spare for choosing service providers, getting quotes, evaluating them, negotiating, and finally booking their tickets. Booking your travel through agents is actually found to be cheaper and easier than booking yourself. However, the quality of services you receive during your travel depends on the agent/agency you choose. If you are looking for Charter bus rental in Washington DC, here are a few things that you must check in order to determine if your agent or agency is reliable.

Prefer an experienced agency: Before you finalize the Charter bus rental in Washington DC, go through the website of the agency and evaluate it to find out if it is trustworthy. An agent or agency having many years of experience has been always safer than a startup firm. Experienced agencies have a good track record and must be having strong networks with the suppliers. The better the relationship, the more negotiation the agency can do and get the cheapest quotes for Charter bus rental in Washington DC for you. Since their inception, they must have faced many issues and should have come up with concrete solutions. Such agencies usually have their sophisticated internal systems and procedures.

Verify its credentials: Apart from all these facts, make sure you check if the agency has any accreditations or if it is associated with any credible travel association. American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and the Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA) are the two main agencies of America. Also, don’t hesitate to ask if it holds a license to run this business. Such companies are more reliable than the unregistered ones.

Choose an agency that offers full-fledged services: Whether you are on a single-day tour or a looking for Charter bus rental in Washington DC for multiday journey, the travel agency/agent you choose must be able to cater your entire requirement or at least suggest you the best possible alternatives so that you don’t have to hunt around for finding hotels, restaurants, restrooms, shopping centers, etc.

Check out if they offer prompt and efficient services: There can be nothing worse than landing up in a trouble during a trip and in such case, if your travel agency / agent remains inaccessible, the fun of your trip will be over. Before you decide to go with an agency, examine how good their customer service is. Can you contact them easily? Do they give genuine replies? Do they have any emergency number where you can contact them after office hours, in case you are in trouble? If they are not able to address your queries before the trip, don’t expect them to help you when you need them.

Ask for references and testimonials: Check out the website and read the customer testimonials, read customer feedbacks on online portals, and ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives if they have utilized the services of this agency. In short, do small researches to find out the reliability of the agency you wish to hire. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for references and if possible call them up and get their feedback.

Although verifying so many facts seems to be big task, it is necessary to ensure you bring back happy memories from your trip.



RE: Charter bus rental in Washington DC

by /bio/pheymont »

Leo, I'm not completely clear whether you're offering general advice, or selling services to travel groups (in which case, the posting is inappropriate--this is a discussion forum, not a billboard for ads), but I'd like to address two points in your first paragraph.

First, you state that a study showing that (a bare majority of) travel agents are satisfied with their jobs "clearly indicates that travel agents are in demand." In fact, it only indicates that there is a high level of dissatisfaction with their jobs among travel says absolutely nothing about demand, job opportunities or anything else.

Then you state, after a lot of built-up and largely imaginary difficulties, that "booking your travel through agents is actually found to be cheaper and easier than booking yourself." For this one, you don't even cite an irrelevant survey! And that is a pretty big assertion to be making with no evidence. Does it apply to all travel? To packages only? To some areas and not to others?

Please: If your intent is to provide information, please provide more, and with more citations. And if your intent is to advertise your business, please remove your posting and buy an ad.



RE: Charter bus rental in Washington DC

by private16 »

He's a bus company. If you click his link it goes to a bus website. This is for advertising.