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Forums » Washington, D.C. » Foggy Bottom versus Capitol Hill


Foggy Bottom versus Capitol Hill

by /bio/abracat »

Hi all– I could use some advice from anyone familiar with Washington DC. My family of five and I are planning a trip to DC in early to mid June– staying three nights before heading to Philadelphia. First time visiting, we're driving our car (we live in NC) but probably taking the Metro most places, the kids are all teenagers. We'll be staying in an AirBnB, and I've narrowed it down to two that we like a lot, which are fairly equal in terms of comfort and style, and within $200 of each other (total price, not per night). That's where I could use some advice! One is in Capitol Hill, on Maryland Avenue just down the street from the Capitol Building– parking would be at Union Station, or another nearby garage, and there are two Metro stations fairly close by. The other is in Foggy Bottom, just west of GWU Hospital– parking is at GWU, with weekend rates (and presumably fewer cars on weekends, too?), and a Metro station very close by. Planning to hit all the major spots– as I said, we plan to use public transportation, but we'd consider driving as needed (Georgetown, for instance). So, what say you? Which location would be more convenient? Thanks!


RE: Foggy Bottom versus Capitol Hill

by /bio/mquartz »

We just did all that a couple of months ago, walked all over the place, and the two locations you mention are about even steven in terms of how far to walk to the main attractions.

Maryland Ave obviously closer to Capitol, and Library of Congress (go visit! Awesome building! Group tours only, ask and put your name down.). Also the Shakespeare library (oddly enough, there's no security check there, while all the federal buildings have TSA-style checks and then some to get in).

Then you walk west for most of the attractions along the Mall.

Foggy Bottom is not quite that close, but a short bus ride or 10-min. walk and you're either at Lincoln Memorial and then you proceed eastward, or to Lafayette Square and White House then south to the Mall.

I don't think you actually need the metro for either location, a short hop on a bus will do if anything. Get the card, at any Safeways etc., it comes preloaded with (I think) ten dollar's worth, good for a few rides, and you can add to that of course, or reload..