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Forums » Washington, D.C. » High schooler with questions on DC


High schooler with questions on DC

by /bio/kate-q »

Hi All,

1) Anybody heard when the White House will be reopening to visitors? I'd very much like to visit, but hear that it's shut.

2) I'd really like to see the Supreme Court in action, but I think they might also be shut in the summer. True?

3) I'm in high school and I have to do a report when I return to school on something educational I did this summer. If I can't get to the White House or the Supreme Court is there a good museum I should go to? I know DC has lots of them, I just don't know which one to pick. The report has to be 5 pages or longer, so I need a museum with lots to it. Any suggestions?

My Mom loves this site and thought you all could help me. So, hopefully you can.



RE: High schooler with questions on DC

by /bio/pheymont »

I have no idea when the White House tours will start again...that's a pawn in the budget negotiations...but it would be a good idea to contact the offices of your district's Representative and your state's Senators. They have access to preferential tickets (when tours happen!) and may be among the first to have tickets when it does start again.

The Supreme Court sits from the first Monday in October through June, and has a number of important decisions to announce next month--but July through September, it is possible to visit the building, but not to see the Court itself. Here's a link with information on visits and what to expect:

As far as you know, there are many, and quite a few are part of the Smithsonian Institution. Hours may vary, and in some cases be reduced by budget cuts. It sounds as if your project is focused on government and history, so the National Museum of American History might be a good choice for you. If you are less limited, you might consider the National Museum of the American Indian or the Air and Space Museum. This link is the "plan your visit" page for the 19 Smithsonian museums, and may give you even more ideas for your project:

Enjoy your trip!


RE: High schooler with questions on DC

by paweber »

Contact your congressional representative's office and ask for preferential U.S. Capitol building tour tickets.

Some Members of Congress have constituent breakfast meetings (for example I know California Senator Feinstein hosts one) on a periodic basis. You might check to see if that's a possibility; check with both of your state's senators' offices as well as your congressperson. If you're interested in interviewing a Congressional staffer (somebody who works for the Senator or Congressperson) ask for an appointment of 15 minutes. You could ask about what it is like to work in Congress or whatever topic interests you and include that in your report. Anybody can go to museums but not everybody takes the time to meet their representatives when visiting DC.