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Forums » Washington, D.C. » Should we stay in DC proper or in one of the suburbs?


Should we stay in DC proper or in one of the suburbs?

by pirouette »

Frankly, we've been surprised at the hotel prices for a trip we're planning. We're not sure if we should try and change the dates (we think we might looking at some kind of convention week, hence the high prices) or if we should stay in the suburbs and commute in (we think we can do that on the train system). Though frankly the hotels outside the city proper are only slightly less expensive. Are we missing something here? 


RE: Should we stay in DC proper or in one of the suburbs?

by /bio/pheymont »

You can definitely make a nice trip based on suburban hotels/motels and the Metro system; many places even have shuttles to Metro if they are not in walking distance. Prices in the near suburbs tend to be higher closer to the District, but Metro is fast enough that going a bit further out may help. There are also quite a few lower-priced motels along New York Ave. NE (US50 coming into DC). 

If you can suggest your dates and budget, I may be able to be more specific.

This link is a useful tool for seeing what's where and gives some price info, although not for specific dates.



RE: Should we stay in DC proper or in one of the suburbs?

by private16 »

Depend on when your coming. In the summer price about 3 times more.