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Forums » Washington, D.C. » Thinking of taking MegaBus to DC and another question


Thinking of taking MegaBus to DC and another question

by velocity »

Has anyone ridden it? Is it clean? I was surprised at how much cheaper it was than the train. I'll be in NYC, and was thinking of adding a few days in DC

Also: I know the White House is closed (sigh). Does it make sense to try and get a seat at a session of Congress instead? Will that be interesting or just like watching C-Span in person (ie dull)?



RE: Thinking of taking MegaBus to DC and another question

by /bio/pheymont »

I've ridden both MegaBus (which is a division of Coach, the huge British and European bus and train operator) and BoltBus (which is a division of Greyhound). Both offer low fares, including some incredible promotions, and both have similar schedules.

Of the two, I found MegaBus better organized at its stations. In NYC, they operate from the street. Mega had staff on hand well ahead of the departure, and on arrival. Bolt folks showed up just before the bus, while some of us were wondering if we were on the right corner. At the DC end, both are in the bus terminal that is part of the garage structure at Union Station.

Also: the onboard wifi was more consistent on Mega. Neither was blazingly fast, but on Bolt, it dropped out for half an hour at a time twice on one trip.


RE: Thinking of taking MegaBus to DC and another question

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

I would think with all that's going on, going to Congress should be pretty interesting. And it's a beautiful room. Plus, it's kind of interesting to see that often our Reps are speaking to an empty chamber, just logging their time in front of C-Span. I think it's one of the most interesting visits in DC, and the nice thing about it is, you can exit any time you like.


RE: Thinking of taking MegaBus to DC and another question

by private16 »

Watching Congress is dull but a tour inside the Capitol build ing is great. The White House is open for tours now.