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Mountain Railroads

by /bio/captain-larry ┬╗

I'm posting this for two reasons: it's been over two years since there was a post to this forum; and I want to draw attention to some great travel opportunities.

Take a look at the web site

There are four or five different rail excursions in the mountains of West Virginia that are very amusing and informative. I recommend them to two groups of people: senior citizens, singles or couples like my First Mate and me; and young families with pre-teen children. The trains themselves are like an amusement park ride (but gentle), and the scenery is spectacular. The West Virginia mountains are not like the Rockies or the Alps. They are rugged but, being generally tree covered, the actual shapes of the mountains are somewhat blunted. But standing on a mountain top looking down some 2,500 feet at the valley below is still pretty spectacular. And that is particularly appealing to us seniors because the trip to the top of the mountain is a reasonably comfortable train ride.

The Mountain Railroads, and West Virginia, in general, have morphed from working systems to tourism. And they have done it very well. I would recommend Elkins. WV as a base from which to do the explorations. It is an interesting, it not necessarily easy, one-day (two at most) drive from anywhere east of the Mississippi River. But make your reservations well ahead of time, especially in the fall when the trees take on a myriad of colors and become a main attraction in their own right.