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Forums » Wyoming » Aussie with a question on Yellowstone touring


Aussie with a question on Yellowstone touring

by outlet »

I  have a friend and they are looking at September 2014 a escorted tour of Yellowstone. They have come across Natural Habitat Adventures - and they are a little concerned that they are requested to pay up front for their tour.    So I have two questions"

Do any of you know this company to be credible ?  And is it common to be asked to pay this far in advance?

And can you suggest other Yellowstone fully escorted tours. 

My friends are not concerned at getting cheap tours......they would rather pay for quality.

Many thanks!  


RE: Aussie with a question on Yellowstone touring

by freemont »

You know, a lot of those tour companies will simply place you on the ranger led tours that people who simply drive into the park can take for free. So before booking this tour, I'd make sure your friend checks to see if it's truly special (I haven't heard of it). The fact is, with all the great ranger programs at Yellowstone, it's easy to set up your own lodgings and do it on your own. The thing to remember is the park is huge and each section is different, so your friend should rent a car to see more of it and plan to stay in several different places around the park.


RE: Aussie with a question on Yellowstone touring

by pshaw »

I'd agree. The ranger programs at Yellowstone are amazing. Just have your friend go!