About the Islands

By Holly Hughes, Sylvie Murphy, Alexis Lipsitz Flippin & Julie Duchaine

Our book 500 Extraordinary Islands takes readers on an irresistible tour of some of the most magnificent islands around the globe -- from tiny isles to island nations, and from the well-trod to the totally uninhabited.
  • Great escapes: unspoiled beaches, tropical retreats, exotic hideaways
  • Leisure and pleasure: sun worshiping, land and water sports, nightlife
  • Nature and wildlife: lush landscapes, nature preserves, rare species
  • Cities and countries: vibrant metropolises, independent nations, city enclaves
  • History and mystery: ancient marvels, cultural treasures, spiritual centers
Here are ten highlights that will take you from the Atlantic waters off Rhode Island to the remote South Pacific and across the Indian Ocean to the east coast of Africa.