Orlando Rental Agencies

Many visitors book Orlando rentals over the internet at the direct-to-owner websites we recommend elsewhere in this feature. Working with a local agent, however, may be a better strategy. Unlike a private owner, who'll have only one property to rent and will likely live nowhere near Orlando, with a rental agency complaints can be fixed in person, or if unfixable, agents can move you to an equivalent (but worry-free) property.

Though there are many fine agencies in Orlando, the top three (to my mind) are:

  • Villa Direct (www.villadirect.com). Repping some 500 vacation rentals, it offers the most choices among the competition. 70% of its inventory is within 4 miles of DisneyWorld.
  • All Star Vacation Homes (www.allstarvacationhomes.com): Prices may be slightly higher with this company, but so, too, is the quality of the offerings. And there's never a surprise with strange décor, as All Star has an on-staff decorator (who has quite good taste).
  • Florida Sun Vacation Homes (www.floridasunvacationhomes.com) often has the lowest rates of the pack, with three-bedroom units sometimes going for as little as $69/night.