This Year's Winners

By Frommer's Editors

Where are the best places to go in 2011?

Each year, Frommer's editors, authors, and experts from around the world sit down to talk about the best cities, islands, beaches, and other vacation destinations for the coming year. We aim for a list that steers clear of too-hot spots or places that are so under the radar you'll find yourself lost.

For the second year in a row, we reached out to readers to find out where they wanted to be in the coming year. After thousands of nominations and thousands of votes, you made your choice known.

To tell you about our choices, we turned to our experts in the field: authors and editors who live in the destinations or who travel there on the regular. We think the best people to share about a city or a region are those who can't stay away from them for too long.

If your favorite place didn't make the list, join in the comments below to say where you want to see yourself in the coming year. Happy travels.