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It's already turned colder across the U.S., but things are just heating up when it comes to wintertime events schedule. Hats, scarves and mittens are optional.
Trust me: having a working cell phone when you're on a trip can help a lot. You can double-check reservations, receive emergency calls from the cat-, dog- or babysitter, and soothe culture shock with a minute or two of a familiar voice.
Take it from the mouth of babes -- in this case, my almost four-year-old twin boys. They've been on 12 cruises and counting, the first at the ripe old age of nine months. Between us, we know a good family ship when we see one.
In the U.S. you would generally have to drag me kicking and screaming to a shopping mall, but in Bangkok the lure of these pristine shopping centers with diverse stores, an eclectic mix of products and much-coveted air conditioning, is too strong.
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From steele1580: "Next winter (February or March of 2008) my wife and I will be traveling to Italy for the first time ... What we will be giving up by doing this trip in the winter?"
From SarahtoNY: "I have read that there are many delays. A couple hours is fine, as long as we make out next train, but could it possibly go into a day or more late?"
From bede10: "My wife and are planning an Australia, New Zealand trip but we are short of miles on any one of several carriers. I understand that points.com can consolidate and swap mileage from different airlines."
From Bobby Kovar5: "I am doing some volunteer work in Chile in Feb. 2006 and am researching an independent tour afterwards. Has anyone taken a Kontiki tour in Chile?"
From marcusvpn: "I'm planning a honeymoon for three weeks in October 2007. Any ideas on a possible itinerary?"

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