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A Caribbean vacation is popular with Americans because it's affordable, it's a climate change easily made with a less than a day's travel and because of offers like the "USVI Ice Breaker" that gives you a free night's stay when you book a room for six nights, a $50 American Express traveler's check, plus little gimmes like a long-sleeved tee-shirt and a ski-cap.
It's a new year, and with the dropping of the big ball came the first 2004 airfare sales. A slew of airlines are offering pretty low fares on trips to a wide range of destinations. We've reported on some of these sales already, but since it's a new year, we thought you might want to hear about them again.
The besieged cruise line alters course after its original Chapter 11 filing: some cruises are cancelled, others are not, and the situation keeps changing.
The vast majority of Djoser tours go to places where a helping hand might be useful even for experienced travelers: places like China, Vietnam, India, Morocco and South Africa.
The Azores, an autonomous Portuguese archipelago 800 miles west of European shores, are favored by well-heeled European travelers, but are practically undiscovered by Americans. That could easily change with affordable airfares and packages being offered by the Azores Express for the remainder of the winter. The best package includes six-nights' lodging, roundtrip airfare out of Boston (the flight is only four hours) and morning meals from just $579.
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St. Croix, USVI
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From John Hayes: "Ok, I am so confused. I have but one question. How does everyone do it? How can anyone afford to go on a vacation -- a 'real' vacation. I'm not poor, but I'm not rich either. I search and search but cannot find a vacation which I would be interested in and still be able to afford."
From sewong: "I am a long time purchaser of Entertainment Book and have enjoyed the tremendous savings for hotels when I travelled. I just purchased my new book for the 2003-2004 season and to my disappointment have found the savings to be much less than they used to be."
From Cheryl Bryant: "What I am trying to do is get a true feel for the costs of tours that include optionals vs. tours where everything is included in the upfront price and therefore more expensive. For those of you who have taken Cosmos, Globus, Trafalgar and other escorted tours that include optionals can you tell me the price range of the optionals and what the you usually spent on the optionals? Were you expected to tip the tour guide and driver regularly and if so how much?"
From Mrs. Rudolph: "I was on a flight from Italy recently. The young man in the seat next to me removed his tennis shoes, and his feet had a strong odor. His shoes which were right there on the floor also smelled awful - probably from walking around Italy for weeks. I didn't know what to do. He seemed like a nice kid, and he didn't realize that he was ruining the flight for everyone around him. The woman across the way gestured at the shoes and made a face to me, but neither of us said anything. We suffered in silence."
From John Jolly: "People on a budget, particularly seniors may be interested in French language courses offered by the non-profit Renouveau Association. These courses have a unique feature. While 30 English speaking people are learning French, 30 French are learning English. Each day is either an English day where only English is spoken or a French day."

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