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With each new year come the resolutions to improve ourselves and the lives of others. In 2005, we at Frommers.com resolve to serve you better, and you'll be seeing evidence of that very soon when we relaunch the site on Thursday, January 13, with a new look and improved features. Get a sneak preview here.
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With small inns painted in every color of the Caribbean rainbow and sandy inlets filled with scuba divers, snorkelers and lazing sun worshippers, Trinidad and Tobago evokes images of friendly people, affordable accommodations and a history rich in literature and diversity.
Here are a few pointers to help you in your quest to minimize, control or ideally obliterate that dreaded loss of time, sleep, energy, sanity and dignity.
We report on celebrations for Cervantes, changes in transportation, dining, shopping and more.
After a strong public outcry, the Transportation Security Administration has scaled back its use of full body pat downs at airports.
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Reader's Voice
Readers worry about their already booked travel plans and weigh in on the future of the beleaguered air carrier.
From Tania Marko: "I was in Italy over New Years and scheduled to return on 1/8/05. Unfortunately, 3 days into our trip we received word that my husbands father died. We had to leave Italy for New York immediately. Alitalia told us their flights were completely full, but for $3,000 miraculously, they were able to find 2 seats on their flight to NY. They refused to credit any part of our original ticket so we lost that money ($600 each), in addition to having to pay such an exorbitant amount to return home."
From Joe Smuckatelli: "I understand that a few of the resorts in Negril have clothing optional areas. I've also read that the beach at Bloody Bay is clothing optional. Does anyone know how far from the RIU Negril the optional part of the beach is? Since it's optional may I assume that my modest wife can stay covered while I on the other hand..."
From Talley: "I'm going to Argentina for a week in February and would like to visit the Iguazu Falls and the glaciers. I've been searching online for an internal airpass (coupons that can be used for flights within the country) but can't find a suitable one. Any suggestions? Thank you!"
From Cindy Shafer: "My husband and I live in southeast Michigan and have traveled several times to Vermont for inn-to-inn bike tours with Bike Vermont. We would like to take such a tour in Michigan, Wisconsin, or Ontario in the summer of 2005 but we are not having any luck finding such a tour. Does anyone know of such a tour?"

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