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Caving, skiing, safaris and more: accessible travel isn't nearly as limited as most people think.
This month we've focused on destinations you're most likely to seek out in winter months -- whether that means you want to enjoy the snow or seek out the sun.
The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the world's fastest-growing resort hotspots, ranging from enormous all-inclusives to exclusive and secluded boutique properties.
It's usually not hard to find a good deal to Orlando, even in high season, but this deal is simply great.
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Reader's Voice
From tuff714: "Aside from scuba diving a few days in Cozumel we're open to suggestions."
From isleander: "During the first week of February we are going to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary."
From katsy: "I am looking at a vacation through Affordable Tours for 18 days touring New Zealand and Australia."
From LizFoster9: "My husband and I are planning a trip to Switzerland, France, England and Scotland for 12 days."
From Shansaboo: "Will be staying at Lions Dive Resort. On the Carnival web site they want to sell me a spectators package."

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