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Food, glorious food! Some people can't get enough of sports, some clothes, others trash TV. Me? Give me the chance to cook, eat, discuss or read about food, and I'm happy. Thus, I'm pleased to report the first of several restaurant weeks starting this month.
Toronto the Good's third annual getaway scheme conjures up price-cutting on hotels, theater tickets, entrance fees to museums and other attractions, dinners and more through March 31, 2003. Some rooms are going for a low $57 a night, and that includes breakfast. The most expensive rooms run $119 per night. These are American dollars, folks.
Love is never cheap, or shouldn't be, but there are still ways to spread the love and let your significant other know your relationship is special without breaking your bank. Who wouldn't be pleased with a Valentine's getaway? We've told you about other such sweetheart deals as last year came to a close; now we've got a few more--two in the States, one overseas.
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Reader's Voice
From Art Kosatka: "This letter constitutes not only our claim for expenses incurred due to British Airways┬┐ loss of our luggage on a recent trip, but also as a complaint regarding what I submit is the gross mishandling of our travel and the lost baggage case from beginning to end. First, let me explain the circumstances which led to the need to incur many of the claimed expenses. When we checked in at BWI Airport, we were informed for the first time of a 6 kilo limit for each carry-on bag. I could understand this if it were associated in any way with a realistic weight limitation, but we were simply instructed to repack extra items in our larger checked luggage."
From Louise Kennedy: "I have been checking rates for a rental car I'll need in Tampa next April. I'm not finding the best rates there and when I decided to check what the rates are for the same car type and number of days in February there was a big difference of over 100.00 on a weekly rental. Is it that the companies just don't have the discounts added in for a later rental and when it gets closer to that time I will find better deals? What happens if I rent sooner and then better deals come out, can I easily get the better deal for my earlier reserved car?"
From Cyd Read: "Hi, we love to travel and have had some grand adventures. Our main passion is hiking and we write up each trail that we hike with photos included. Over 100 trails can be found on our hiking Web site www.naturalbornhikers.com, and our travel journal details our other adventures at tracipick.tripod.com."
From Jim Gieges: "1. Busch Gardens--Get on line and buy their year pass for the same price as a day pass and use it throughout your vacation at your own pace. Includes other properties."
From Tio Gringo: "I'm fed up with outrageously high air fares into Mexico. Over the last 2 years, just about everyone has been jacking up their fares through the roof. Continental wants $600 RT from Houston to Cancun. $600 for what should be a $200 fare!! I refuse to pay it. Lately, I've been using Mexican carrier Aviacsa (www.aviacsa.com.mx) to fly to and around in Mexico."

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