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It¿s almost annoying how people deplaning from a trip to Buenos Aires can¿t stop talking about the countless wonderful things to do, see, buy and eat. From Tango to football to high fashion to great big cuts of meat to wide avenues showcasing one of South America¿s most sophisticated urban cultures, Buenos Aires delivers as diversified a travel experience as any other city in the world right now. With inexpensive travel packages combining air and lodging with sightseeing and shopping, the capital of Argentina is holding up well as one of the more exciting travel experiences in the early part of 2006.
It¿s a shame that most Americans probably aren¿t as familiar with travel destinations in northern Africa along the Mediterranean as they are with the European counterparts across the Sea. Either that or their ideas are so outdated that fear is the dominant factor. Case in point: My sister is planning a trip to Morocco this spring--which our parents have visited, albeit nearly 20 years ago--and Mom hit the Mom panic button. My sister gave her a current events briefing, and cited friends who visited there and came away not only unscathed but raving about it. Naturally, Mom remains wary, but at least she¿s duly informed. The lesson here: Travelers can often serve as country¿s best unofficial ambassadors to the world, so pay attention when your friend who¿s just been somewhere unusual starts talking or forwarding digital pictures.
Everyone in our small group of six was excited to spend a couple of nights there and we all hoped we would get a chance to meet a real-life geisha or maiko. I had never visited Kyoto, but I felt like I had because of the countless pictures and scenes from movies. After visiting this spectacular place, however, I realized I didn't know jack about it.
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From chase850: "I'm planning an april trip to Prague, Krakow and Budapest (among others.) For those countries that have not adopted the Euro, what is the preferred method of payment?"
From sharonov: "We spent a month in the Fall, traveling around on our own in Spain, and have decided to alternate independent trips with group travel."
From goodluck: "Any help with the following itinerary is greatly appreciated. We are a couple visiting Ireland for the first time, looking for beautiful vistas, good food, strong beer, and local flavor."
From Becks23: "Will be in Australia mid-February including 2 nights on Hamilton Island & 3 nights in Cairns."
From Anita Cocktail: "I would like to start a thread on "the food on International flights in coach class." Please, if you are writing about the food in Business or First Class, please specify."

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