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With each new year come the resolutions to improve ourselves and the lives of others. In 2005, we at Frommers.com resolve to serve you better, and you'll be seeing evidence of that very soon when we relaunch the site on Thursday, January 13, with a new look and improved features. Get a sneak preview here.
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Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this year, which is a windfall for the tourism industry and traveler alike as a three day weekend seems almost mandatory to celebrate the festival of love with that special someone.
All over the country, Bluegrass festivals are like picking parties where people lie on blankets drinking less powerful libations than moon shine before retiring to camp sites where avid listeners pick up their own mandolins and banjos to pick string instruments into the night.
Like most American holidays, President's Day is now a largely commercial event -- with "silver dollar shopping days," supposedly honoring George Washington's coin toss across the Potomac, and stores "chopping prices" to commemorate his legendary refusal to lie about axing down a cherry tree. In his day, however, Washington's February 22 birthday was celebrated in earnest across the land, with "birthnight balls" and pub parties honoring the popular first president.
Philadelphia is a sightseeing Mecca that rivals any other city in the United States. Its got vast history that defines the United States; incredible art collections and institutions spanning Europe and the Unites States; a downtown vibrant with colonial and modern industrial structures world-renowned in critical circles; and its got a Chinatown and Little Italy all of its own.
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From paljim: "I am taking the family on a trip to Europe this June. The US dollar is so low in Europe, and I want to travel as economically as possible. What would be the best countries to visit to accomplish this goal? We only have 8 days for this trip."
From Andrea Wabeke: "I thought I'd throw out my 2 cents regarding the jet lag article in today's Newsletter. I disagree with the writer's idea to arrive refreshed and have had a good night's sleep. My sure fire transatlantic jetlag cure has been to begin adjusting my body clock at home. Yes, it's the same thing, jet lag at home, but I frankly would rather be 'jet lagged' at home versus on my holiday."
From Donna Cuervo: "I recently spent three nights in Montevideo before a week in Buenos Aires. Before my trip, I found it very difficult to obtain much information about the city. There was no guidebook to Uruguay, so I used various Uruguay chapters from South America guidebooks, which were often out of date."
From Barbara Lopes: "As we approach retirement, I'm interested in researching destinations for long-stay vacations of 1-3 months. Any suggestions about where to do this most economically? Would prefer to avoid ex-pat complexes on the Algarve and the like, but economy may trump ambiance. Thanks! Barb"
From Cleo Sadie: "We just returned from a great two days in Seattle between Christmas & New Year's. These were the highlights."

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