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These small, mostly family-run lodgings offer some things that most luxury hotels can't supply: hominess, intimacy, and a degree of authenticity.
Greetings! Last week we left off in freezing cold Toronto. This week we get the heck out of Canada, and travel somewhere warm.
Although the city of Miami was spared most of the major damage from Hurricane Wilma in October, the storm blew through and disrupted power and water supplies, forced closings of some hotels, beaches, parks, and other attractions. Hotels and beaches are re-opened, and a drop in prices reflect the area's desire to jump-start the return of tourism.
What are two things that almost everyone likes, a lot? Great food and discounts. When you combine the two, what do you get? You get restaurant 'weeks,' those marvelous nationwide promtional events where the finest restaurants in selected cities join forces to lower their prices offering price-fixed meals affordable to the masses for a week and sometimes more.
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From SavNate: "Although rather hard, if you could ever plan to be in Florence when say six inches of snow fell in the city, it would be priceless. we were there Dec 28th when the city turned white and it was amazing. People were out in the streets till 2am + celebrating and playing in the snow. It seemed like the night nobody wanted to end. The Duomo, squares, everywhere just looked amazing in the snow. So amazing I advanced my proposal to that night in front of the Duomo while it was snowing. Luckily she said yes."
From Wastedaway: "European airlines lost a legal bid Tuesday that aimed to strike down new EU rules guaranteeing passengers compensation for flight delays or cancellations. Airlines are to pay passengers up to $725 if they are bumped or flights are cancelled. In the case of delays of two to four hours, carriers must serve snacks or full meals. In the case of delays over 5 hours, passengers are entitled to a refund and hotel room if necessary."
From colleennilson: "My husband, daughter and I returned from Argentina last month (where we had a wonderful time!). We had read all the cautions beforehand about the problems with counterfeit currency in Argentina but did not have any trouble while we were there. However, when we landed at LAX and my husband tried to exchange our remaining Argentinian currency (approximately $60) the currency exchange would not take it. The woman working there told us that no one here in the States would take the money because of the issues with counterfeiting."
From KarenAb: "I am interested in bringing my entire family of 5 to Jamaica but am uncertain if it is a family oriented, safe environment for them. Also we have a limited number of funds after flying all of us down. Any suggestions?"
From AmigoLuk: "Just back from my third visits to LV. This time, I stayed at Wynn for the first night and Four Seasons the second night."

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