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The days for booking winter travel bargains in Europe are numbered, though many of the continent's greatest off-season events have yet to occur -- carnival festivals begin erupting the last week of January through early February, skiing in the Alps remains superlative until early April, and southern Europe creeps out of the cold, slowly warming and blooming in mid to late March.
Charis Atlas Heelan looks at recent changes in in-flight food service programs and serves up tips on how to get meal you actually want to eat.
If you love star-sightings, the shining sun (most of the time), and cling to the hopes that you, too, will become famous, then Tinsel Town is the place for you. The Walk of Fame, Mann's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood and Vine are all still there. There's nothing fake about it, except the celebrity impersonators. And the travel deals? They're as good as the climate.
It's that time of year to plan out and book your cruise. We've gathered up the most interesting and affordable itineraries currently available.
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Reader's Voice
From M. Vance: "On a recent 9 day trip to Hong Kong I was told three separate times by three separate men, each of whom appeared to be of Indian descent, that I had a 'lucky face.' Each time I had the distinct impression that it was a lead in to a scam, but I didn't play along long enough to find out what the scam is or how it is perpetrated. Anyone know the details? Is it just a lead in to tell my fortune or is there something more sinister?"
From Eve Roberts: "I recently stayed at a Days Inn in Baton Rouge and am 99% sure that my gold necklace was stolen by the maid. I tried lodging a complaint at the front desk -- 3 times! I wrote to Days Inn via their website as well as noting it on their customer service survey they sent me after my stay. All I got was a letter of apology from the hotel manager at the hotel I stayed at urging me to stay their again. Has anyone had this happen? And how did you get restitution?"
From MizScout: "Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here to posting on Frommer's but I'm hoping those who have been to Greece can help me out a bit. I am looking for information for our next stay. All tips would be great; we will arrive in Greece at the beginning of April. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions."
From Rae Rediske: "We are planning a trip to Wales (flying into London) in August. We have only traveled in off-peak times, so airplane tickets are quite high for August and we are just short of frequent flyer miles, so we will have to bite the bullet. But, do great deals pop up the closer you get, even within peak season? Any suggestions?"
From Barb March: " We're planning to charter a barge & cruise along the Erie Canal this summer. Has anyone done this? I'm getting mixed comments -- from 'scenery is spectacular' to 'why bother, run-down old mill towns.' Any suggestions for which towns are a must?"

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