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Best of Paris: Have you brought the city of light to life with your camera? Share your images with other readers now.
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We're certainly hopeful that the most rail-friendly administration in decades can do something to juice up the passenger train industry, even though the nation is in the middle of a financial crisis.
The next couple of months will see cities around world erupt in a global celebration collectively known as Carnival -- and Rio's not the only happening spot. Here are four great parties in Mexico, Aruba, Trinidad, and Colombia.
Make a multi-country tour on the trail of the Maya, escape to New York City for a weekend, or find special offers to three more destinations around the world.
Our reader buys a ticket through Frontier Airlines' website, and gets stuck with an extra $10.95 for travel insurance. How did it manage to do that? By pulling an internet no-no and sticking a pre-checked box on the booking screen.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Gates in Hong Kong
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Reader's Voice
From attorneyinmichigan: "Our family just left St. Thomas early. Not sure whether it's racial tension or just an island full of jerks, but here's the deal."
From Rob Cook: "I have a business trip to Paris in July and wanted to take a week off to travel to Switzerland, we've never been before."
From cebgr: "I'd like to plan a day trip. I've found three options and was wondering if anyone could tell me which would be the best."
From justjudie: "We are two women from Los Angeles. Can someone tell us where we should be for the best St Pat's festivities? Is the parade still somewhere in So Boston?"
From epmaea: "We are interested in seeing as much scenery and wildlife as possible, national parks etc. We would also like to try salmon fishing."

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