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The Cover Photo Contest has produced over ten thousand entries -- and here are the ones readers like you like best.
Some vacations should never be booked through anyone but a travel agent, and a honeymoon is arguably one of them. But there are others, too, as travelers have discovered the hard way.
In case you haven't heard: At least two airlines are offering incentives to donate to Haiti earthquake relief.
Portland has it all: a vigorous local wine industry, great microbreweries, local farmers committed to sustainable agriculture, and a critical mass of talented chefs who love Portland's laidback lifestyle too much to be lured elsewhere.
After 24 years covering the South Pacific islands for us, author Bill Goodwin will tell you how to get into the business when he teaches travel writing in a place he knows well -- Fiji.
Frommer's is about vacation travel but, in a crisis, it's important to offer support to those in need. Here are a few sure-fire ways that you can lend a hand.
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San Francisco streetcar San Francisco streetcar
SUBMITTED BY markselmi
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Reader's Voice
From bridge24: "Even without a car, we're still hoping to be able to do some town exploring or day trips if possible, and we would love to combine that with pretty beaches/pools and snorkeling."
From Gemni: "How much money should we bring? We dont want to bring too much and worry about it."
From greenbrij: "I would like to go to Ignazu Falls and was also considering Mendoza, Bariloche, or El Calafate. Does anybody have any suggestions for that time of year (May) and something that is not too touristy?"
From i_wander_afar: "Should we only do Edinburgh and Skye or should we try to fit in something else? We love castles, hiking, museums and breweries."
From TardyKat: "Are credit cards widely accepted in the country? We are a group of three females traveling together, are there any safety concerns we should know about?"

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