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There's a goodly amount of snow on the slopes and trails across country right now, making the time ripe for booking a winter weekend, be it sporty or relaxed. We've shoveled a huge mound of bargains -- and like snowflakes, no two deals are exactly alike. Read on for discount skiing, snow-shoeing for single-parent families and cozy B&BS.
Right now, cell phone rental firm TravelCell (www.travelcell.com) is offering a free week's rental, a $29.99 value, plus a 5% discount on airtime to readers of this Frommer's Newsletter only.
There's nothing like a fare war. Incited by the JetBlue/American/Delta three-way, America West is helping to keep transcontinental fares at historic lows; meanwhile, ATA and Alaska Air provide fare relief for Americans who've never set foot within 100 miles of New York City.
Whether you're a beachcomber or an ice queen, there's an international deal out there for you right now. We understand why Ireland, Iceland and Scandinavia would be looking for travelers during these frigid months -- but the great fare we found to Australia is as surprising as a February heat wave.
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Reader's Voice
Readers responded to our question "What's the best online booking site -- and why?" How do your favorites compare to theirs?
From Nancy Weiss: "I'm wondering if any of my fellow travelers are watching this show on A&E? It just began airing last week, and I'm completely hooked. The documentary style really pulls me in. My friends and I spend half the show sharing our own experiences or trading stories on the worst people we've encountered while flying."
From LauraA: "I'm looking for a spanish Immersion program that would also allow an 11-year old to participate. Has anyone found a family-based immersion program? This could be in the states or out. The goal is to be somewhat fluent by the end of the course."
From Bradley Jackson: "Where can I buy cool, hip clothes for guys in Madrid? I don't really love to shop per se, but I love to buy clothes when I travel 'cause nobody at home will have the same things as me. Does anyone know where I could find some cool threads in Madrid? I love unique items...not things I could find at any gap store in any country, ha ha. Thanks, guys!"
From Liz Jostes: "My husband and I are interested in driving along the PCH. We have read about in Frommer's. Just wanted to get some feedback, suggestions, great places to stay and stop."

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