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In New York City, there is really not much of an off-season. As if there was an incentive needed to visit New York, special promotions offering savings for shopping, shows, museums, hotels and restaurants are going on right now. Plus, NYC Winter Restaurant Week is approaching.
The phrase ¿art in Las Vegas¿ typically brings to mind velvet Elvises and the classic Impressionist paintings at the Bellagio. But that¿s changing. Walk through Las Vegas¿ gritty new arts district on a Friday, and you¿ll be forced to change your opinions of America¿s neon capital.
What¿s not exciting about China? They¿re well-known exponential economic growth has spurred a rise in travel and a renewed interest in the customs, mores, culture and language of the growing world power. Tour providers are answering the call for this increased tourism with diverse tours focusing on specific cities and full-country tours giving visitors a moles-eye view of China¿s different regions.
Just an hour from Melbourne by car or a quick trip across Port Phillip Bay from Queenscliff by ferry the Mornington Peninsula is a breath of fresh air and a sensational place to visit, especially in the summer.
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From Carl Nelson: "I just got back from two weeks in Thailand and Cambodia. I had a wonderful trip. Our itinerary was one night in Bangkok, 2 in Siem Reap, 5 nights on Ko Samui and 5 nights in Bangkok. I've enjoyed reading other trip reports and they really helped me with my planning so here is mine."
From norbrad393: "Travel in Mesoamerica has changed a great deal in the past 3 or 4 decades. If anyone is interested in hearing from an old codger of some experiences from an earlier time, here are a few notes."
From javayankee: "In February I'm visiting Lucerne and Zurich after a business trip in Germany. I plan to stay in Lucerne for 2 full days and then take a train to Zurich, where I'll stay 1 night and take a flight out in the morning."
From Brotherlee Love: "I just noticed that Aegean is offering great prices on tickets to the Greek Islands. For example, the normal fare quoted one-way from Crete to Santorini via Athens is 121 Euro including tax. Right now the fare quoted for May for this same flight -- you must book each leg separately -- is 92 Euro total."
From Chey: "We will be arriving in Florence from Rome on a Wednesday afternoon, staying until Sunday early afternoon departing for Venice."

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