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Best of New York City: See and share the finest photos of sights from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Cloisters and everywhere in between.
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Want to get to D.C. for the big event? Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share how people hoping to attend the inauguration can still find hotel rooms.
Here is a selection of exhibits encompassing the new, the old, the avant-garde and the traditional that you may like to consider while traveling to cities around the world.
A price war among Aussie and NZ airlines brings down prices to down under, Alaska clears out seats with winter bargains, Allegiant drops many one-ways to $29, and more special offers from airlines around the world.
Can anyone tell me what useful information the Department of Homeland Security will get from the travel authorization requests now required of most incoming visitors?
Aswan has been called "the most beautiful place earth" by enough people that anyone should approach it with some skepticism. But after a brief visit, you'll probably also call it an Egyptian version of paradise.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Washington, D.C.
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Reader's Voice
From Judith Lynn: "Wish to tour Germany for 8-10 days starting with Munich. Have viewed packages online for three night stays with entry to festival."
From richnindy: "My family wants to spend a week in July on a lake and had zeroed in on the Adirondacks, because mountains sound good, too. Is there anything to do around Lake Huntington?"
From Jimmy72509: "My fiance and I will be honeymooning in late July this year and have no idea how to pick a resort. Does anyone have any suggestions? Our price range is between $4-5,000 USD."
From petey: "Would anyone suggest staying on one island and venture to other islands on a daily boat? If so, which island would be the most central island to select a hotel?"
From Xephalon: "How difficult/safe is it to travel around without a guide if we don't speak Vietnamese? We'd appreciate any input!"

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