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British Airways' Two-Nights-in-London-Free promotion has been extend to January 23. $899 Tahiti packages extended through March 31.
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Seattle may be the balmy winter capital that gave us the Grunge look and Starbucks, but it's a lot more, especially if you like fine dining, good shopping and a lively nightlife. While much of the country's northern latitudes are freezing, Seattle is in the midst of one of its warmest winters on record, with temperatures frequently above 50 and the sun shining a lot. All this is made much more appealing as the city fathers & mothers roll out their 12th annual Super Saver Package, offering up to 50% off regular room rates at 45 participating downtown hotels.
One of the world's greatest destinations is Machu Picchu, that mysterious mountaintop city in Peru, abandoned by its inhabitants centuries ago. It's hard to reach and trips used to be so expensive that the average traveler was simply economically excluded, but no longer. We've got a trip that starts from $1,399 for a full week.
Down in fashionable but reachable Barbados, Almond Resorts have two posh establishments, the Almond Beach Village and the Almond Beach Club & Spa, at different locations in different parishes. But the company is running three-night specials at both all-inclusive properties starting at $959 per person, air included, going on through June 26, 2003.
Smart travelers recognize that this is what the industry calls "the value season" (since "winter" isn't a word that sells). This is when the bargains come fast and thick. For that reason, a mid-winter potpourri of offers to Europe might be appropriate for your planning purposes.
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Reader's Voice
From Karl Peterson: "Our flight from Chicago to San Diego was delayed by bad weather (a typical Chicago winter occurance). Once we were finally airborne, the captain announced that passengers with connecting flights (like us) would be placed on the next flight and should see the ticket agent at the gate. On other flights (and airlines) my wife and I were forced to fan out--one in the ticket line and one on the airline's 800 number to get a new flight. This automatic re-booking was a welcome change. It makes me wonder why more airlines haven't done it sooner."
From seybold: "In the hopes that I can help other travelers avoid the horrible experience I had with Air France I am writing to warn you. I was flying from NYC to Geneva and had only one connection to make. Easy enough. Well they lost my bag, and delayed my flight forcing me to miss my connection. I then attempted to get on the next flight offered, (I could see there was one at 9:30) the representative told me the next flight was at 12. I protested and said I saw they had a 9:30 flight, the representative acqueisced and put me on the 9:30 flight. They then lost my bag. It has been 20 days and they refuse to even open my claim file for my bag."
From Gopher Po: "When planning a trip to Paris a few years ago, I found a web site in which people who stayed at hotels could write about their experience. It was really helpful and I found a terrific place to stay (and avoided some duds!). I lost that site when I switched computers, and now can't find it's equal."
From Summer Moore: "My parents recently planned a trip to India. They asked their travel agents what they needed to get into India. They were told that they only needed their passports. After a long flight, they arrived in India, only to be told that they needed Entrance Visas. They were denied access into the country, and were promptly returned to America. I believe that both China Airlines and our travel agent should have told them about this before they took the trip. I did scold them about not checking into it themselves, but I just wanted to post this to warn everyone."
From Mark Waite: "When we were leaving Peru on AA # 947 To Dallas Texas...we were stopped at security and they took our tweezers, corkscrew, cuticle clippers and cigar cutter. All of these items are on approved lists for travel. I want to know why they were taken? I would like to know to whom I can make a formal complaint? The girl at the check point was extremely rude to us and refused to give her name. My wife and I have have been to six different countries in 2002 with these items and have not had any problem."

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