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We've found a great sale on fares to Australia and take a look at major carriers reactions to Delta's fare restructuring.
Travelers to and from Boston, New York, Minneapolis and Denver will feel the "Southwest Effect" starting Feb. 4 -- but don't look for those happy orange planes to grace your runways.
Transatlantic airfare is usually the priciest part of a trip to Europe. The latest January sales, however, ease the cost of getting there -- especially to France and England -- saving the real sticker shock for those $7.50 caf┬┐ au laits in Paris.
Tucson has its history, and Sedona has the Grand Canyon -- but only Phoenix-Scottsdale has James, the 200-room, luxury boutique hotel hatched by Equinox founder Danny Errico and Manhattan restaurateur Stephen Hanson. While it ain't the painted desert, it's a good enough place to paint the town if you're in this part of the world.
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From Harry Simon: "My wife and I spent a week in the Boston area. We ate in many very nice and often expensive restaurants. Although we enjoyed the food, we found some aspects of the service quite different from what we're used to at home in Britain and in Europe where we spend most of our holidays. Please comment on whether what I describe is normal and acceptable."
From CapRawley: "My son was traveling from Long Beach, California to our home in Houston via Greyhound Bus Lines. He bought a ticket and then went to the waiting room to prepare to board the bus. It was just a few minutes and when he reached for his ticket he realized that it had been stolen. He immediately went to the same ticket clerk to report what had happened, she claimed not to even remember that he had just bought a ticket and, in effect, said 'too bad' and you've got to buy another ticket to travel."
Dankar: "In the past, I remember hearing that some tour operators offer a discount to couples celebrating an anniversary. We are looking forward to our 50th this June, want to take a trip, and are just as cheap now as 50 years ago. We're open to almost anywhere. I'm pretty sure I heard of a European river cruise operator offering such a discount. Any tips?"
From Joan Harris: "We just returned from a 3 week visit to Cape Town, the Garden Route and surrounding areas. All I can say is Wow! It was one of the most beautiful and interesting places we have been. In Aug. we spent 3 weeks in Hawaii and there is no comparison. We could have stayed in South Africa for a much longer time if we had it. There is more to do and see and the friendliest people there. We enjoyed all the places we visited and even the Garden Route Game lodge that we were told wasn't worth the stay. If anyone one is thinking of going to this area we highly recommend it and we will go back."
From Marke: "This is a little different from other posts. A group of my friends (about 20 of us), have joined our financial resources and bought a motel on the beach in North Queensland. We want to buy other motels on the beach around Australia, small ones with about 10 to 20 rooms. We also have a waterfront house on an island near Brisbane. We want to build a new type of low cost vacation experience for people and we would like to know what people are looking for."

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