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Hawaii offers all kinds of accommodations, from simple rooms in restored plantation homes and quaint cottages on the beach to luxurious oceanview condo units and opulent suites in beachfront resorts. Each type has its pluses and minuses -- so before you book, make sure you know what you're getting into.
While the entire professional ski world turns their eyes to Turin in February to watch the Olympic downhill, slalom, freestyle and cross-country ski events, there's no excuse for not strapping yourself into your ski boots to make some good runs for yourself.
The folks at Airfarewatchdog dig into eight current promotions to tell you which ones are winners: current standouts include flights to major European cities, Japan, the Caribbean and Mexico.
Real prices have crept up consistently, in Florence especially, and the reason could not be clearer: Tourists are still willing to pay. They continue to arrive by the busload, driven by visions of Da Vinci's drawings, cooking lessons, and wine tasting in the countryside.
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Waikiki and Diamond Head on Oahu
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Reader's Voice
From Vineeta: "My husband and I returned from a 10 day long wonderful trip to Peru. This forum helped quite a bit in planning, so I would like to do my bit for future travelers."
From roseofvt: "My husband and I normally stay in one of the large expensive hotels in Montreal but would like to explore some of the smaller and more economical ones. Does anyone have any experience and advice about which might be good? Cleanliness and pleasant surroundings are a must."
From JBarone: "I'm planning to spend 2 weeks in Iceland in late July/early August and stay at hostels so I can do a circumference of the country. I'd like to do day hikes at each of the places I stay. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding regions of the country with hostels that they'd recommend, or day hikes that are a must that are available from different hostels?"
From Shawn Rosvold: "We're back! Here┬┐s a short trip report on our latest adventure in Mexico."
From Lawrence Hall: "I will be visiting Rome for the fourth time in late May and early June. When I was sixteen, I lived with my Scottish grandfather in his apartment near Spagna for six months. At that time, 50 years ago, the expatriot community pretty much hung to themselves or with very social Romans. Any suggestions of other unusual things to do or places to visit would be appreciated. This includes small, wonderful, inexpensive Roman restaurants."

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