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Allegiant Airlines believes Middle America doesn't get enough low-fare lovin'. So this small, Las Vegas-based carrier has specialized in sending folks who don't live on either coast to Sin City for low prices that are easy to find and easy to understand.
Perennial vacation favorite, the Caribbean offers hundreds of islands to choose from, each with its own distinctive shape, size, terrain and historical and cultural flavor.
You'll find a multitude of money-saving resources (including coupons and special promotions), maps, suggested itineraries, calendars of events and more.
Long considered Central Europe's most fun city, Budapest is now for sale at super low prices until March 15. And by low, we mean under $95 a night, with air included, for the weekly package.
Reader's Voice
From Cool Callie: "So, I bought a couple of TamperSeal, TSA-approved locks after reading about them and doing a bit of research. Anybody have any experience with them? Do the TSA screeners really know how to open them without breaking them?"
From Melissa Joy: "I'm planning our first family trip to Italy for June. We don't usually do escorted tours, but going to Europe is a big step for me. I thought Italiatour looked good, at least in the brochure. They have a choice between the independent program and the escorted program. We want to definitely see Rome, Venice and Florence, and maybe some hilltowns, possibly Pompeii. Tauck looks good except it's expensive and fully-escorted, no options there. Have you used either of these companies? Did you get what you thought you would get? What did you like or dislike? We want hotels that are centrally located. Also, we can spend up to 2 weeks. Thanks for any advice. My husband and I and our 21-year-old son and 18- and 17-year old daughters will be going."
From rose pascale: "Has anyone had a good experience recently on Amtrak coast-to-coast? My elderly mom needs to go and cannot go any other way. How can I help her avoid the horror stories I've been reading regarding Amtrak? She'll miss her grandson's wedding! Help!"
From Gloria McKeown: "We booked a cruise with the Norwegian Cruise Line on the SS Norway the day before the unfortunate accident. They reimbursed us our money, then they sent us a letter stating we would be getting $50 towards another cruise on their line. We feel that because of the inconvenience, more money on another cruise line, because they had nothing available for our time and the loss of 2 days, we feel they owe us a cruise at their expense."
From cruise: "I just finished a seven-day cruise, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced my same problem. I am fine while on the boat, but once I am back on land my equilibrium is off. I suppose the best way to describe this is "land sick." I am slightly dizzy and feel like I am going to fall over. Does anyone know what causes this or what to do to alleviate the symptoms or what can be done to keep it from happening? Thanks!"

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