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For our family, Las Vegas seemed convenient and centrally-located to most relatives for a reunion this past October, so my wife and I decided to put this notion to the test with our toddler, our pre-teen -- and nary a hope of dropping one quarter into a slot.
Combine the temporal transitions with an old agricultural Americana, small farming towns and old barns, and you have a scenic getaway to rival any other in greater New England. This winter, as snow finally descends, Vermont is full of good ski and scenic deals.
We've rounded up great packages for travel before and after peak season -- a better time to enjoy Greece without the crowds, smog or cost.
Where else can you float on the heavy salt concentrate of the Dead Sea, revel in the ancient bazaars of Old Jerusalem or take in the modern beauties lazing on the white beaches of Eilat?
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The Best Trips Start Here: Vegas
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From ahmacare: "I planned a dream vacation after researching on this site and many others. We spent 14 total days in Egypt including 8 days on cruise. I will say that the trip was better than imagined. We used TravelnStyle in San Francisco who hooked us up with EMECO in Egypt. First rate all the way. The few quirks were immediately ironed out by either our facilitator or our guide who was incredible. All our requirements and expectations were met."
From aswest: "We have two daughters, ages 12 and 8. We're thinking of a trip this summer to either Dallas or San Antonio, instead of our usual to Orlando, FL. Which city offers more for a family?"
From uhbuzzi: "I'll be traveling to Hong Kong in a couple of months and would like to go onto Beijing by plane. Frommer's recommends booking flights in China a couple of days before departure. Has anyone tried this before? Not that I don't trust Frommer's but waiting until the last minute makes me a bit uneasy when it comes to airfare. Could use some advice."
From beanster876: "Barbados was the 10th Caribbean island I have visited and, after doing so, I have to wonder if those who rave about it and return over and over have been to any of the others? I didn't see anything special about this island that would warrant flying all that extra distance. There are simply too many other islands a lot closer to home that are prettier, have better snorkeling and give more value for the $ -- oh, and they dont include being harrassed on your hotel beach daily."
From Jesse Vickery: "I was just looking at this site and got worried that my camera charger and iPod might explode if I plug them in to a Spanish or French electrical socket! Buying adaptors once I'm there I can deal with, but will voltage be an issue?"

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