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Call them gender-exclusive vacations. Call them trips for women only. Or call them girlfriend getaways. No matter what you call them, the impetus is pretty much the same -- sometimes, women just want to get away and travel with their own gender.
Uruguay's Punta del Este isn't quite a Hamptons, Malibu or South Beach (and maybe thankfully so) but it has pristine white sand beaches, some excellent restaurants, a few wild and rowdy nightclubs and dozens of bars to keep you well watered.
Jacksonville is a gem of a city where a vibrant city life meets big-time sporting events and white-sand beaches. Cut in half by the St. John's River, the tone of Jacksonville's downtown landscape is set by its water-side walks and active outdoor culture.
Greetings from the good ol' U.S. of A. Last time I wrote I was leaving the highlands of Malaysia. This week I make our way back to the U.S. in style, as I board Malaysia Airlines and get to take the cherished left turn into first class.
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From LostinChina: "About two years ago I read about all the squat toilets and the smell that lingers. Have they improved much lately, especially with the Olympics coming?"
From mojonesy: "We have a 16 hour layover on our return trip from Rome to Paris to Atlanta. We land at CDG on 10pm Saturday and leave 2pm Easter Sunday ... Any suggestions on what to do?"
From chocolate55: "Anyone have ideas for a February two-week vacation for myself and my partner to lose a little weight? Between the two of us we've put on 15 1/2 pounds between Thanksgiving and now, and it's time for a little thinning out."
From albernfrau: "My husband and I (both Canadian) are going to Tehran, Iran in approximately one year to attend a wedding. My Canadian cousin is marrying an Iranian (they both currently live in Canada) but his family is in Iran so that is where they are having a wedding."
From Susan Kent: "The last time we visited Napa Valley (8 years ago), we carried 14 bottles of wine home with us on the plane. Now that times have changed, does anyone know how or if we can bring wine home from there?"

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