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Focus on Africa has put the call out to photographers -- professionals and "serious amateurs" -- in joining any number of safaris from March through July on a quest to shoot as many animals as possible -- with a camera, that is.
As our troops continue to fight and die in Iraq, two airlines have stepped up to give soldiers on R&R leave a truly first-class welcome back to the USA.
Don't get me wrong -- I love Amtrak. But there's something wrong with the railroad's prices in the Northeast Corridor, where low-fare airlines periodically trounce Amtrak on both price and speed.
Florida-based tour operator, Eleisurelink.com gave us a pleasant surprise when they called with an offer available for our readers only, and who are we turn down additional savings?
hether you're an early bird or a last-minute flier, we've got some low fares to Europe for you today. One set comes from 1800FlyEurope.com, one of our favorite consolidators; the other is a Scottish deal from US Airways for folks who like to plan ahead.
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From Tim & Yeet: "I took my first trip to Europe in the company of a European (my new Dutch wife), and I learned that for years I had been needlessly throwing money away on tips that were not necessary or expected. We simply rounded off to the nearest Euro on every restaurant bill everywhere."
From Valeria Eastman: "I had an occasion to travel Allegiant one way from Las Vegas to Lansing, MI just before Labor Day. The flight was due out of Las Vegas at 12:01 A.M. but was delayed for just over an hour. They kept us informed and even gave the passengers free pop and chips while we waited. Once we were in flight, the trip was very pleasant and we arrived in Lansing only a half hour late. I was so pleased with the trip that I e-mailed Allegiant to tell them so. I would recommend them highly, and especially since they allow one-way flights at no extra cost."
From Howie Kaz: "I read with great interest the article by Sascha Segan about the promotion requiring that you buy two tickets from NY or Boston to certain destinations and receive a free ticket to anywhere American flies. Do you have to use the tickets, or can you qualify for the freebie simply by purchasing them?"
From Pat Gabunas: "We are thinking about taking a trip to New Zealand this winter/spring - one of the packages that include air and then rental of a motor home. It is only for a week and wondering if anyone has taken one of these trips and if it is worth it given the limited time and also any experiences of others who have taken the motor home vacations."
From Mike King: "I just returned from Cartagena last Monday and found it to be a nice, safe place to visit. The Old Town (Walled City) is where most of the sites are and a good place to stay. It's very safe in the old City. Good hotels and very low cost on hotels, food, tours, etc., and they have tourist police in the old city."

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