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Quite possibly the most beautiful place on Earth, Hawaii continues to astound travelers with its natural habitat and geological diversity of waterfalls, rainforests, waves and volcanoes. No wonder you never meet a Hawaiian who's decided to move to the mainland.
Paris might not be the tropics, but as temperature rise in April and May, the trees bud, spring bulbs bloom and children return to the Jardin de Luxembourg to launch their toy boats. Luckily, prices don't have to rise as two reliable packagers offer some pleasantly priced deals starting from a low $399.
In March and April, when the Hill Country roadsides wear glorious cloaks of fiery red and periwinkle blue, it's floral coat manifesting spring all around makes it one of the best U.S. destinations for a fly-drive getaway.
Just South of Los Alamos where they built the atomic bomb and Taos where Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz explored modern painting and photography, Santa Fe is an enclave of art galleries, Adobe housing, and windy streets filled with natural fauna, cacti and interesting characters.
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From fmcginley: "I recently booked a flight to Venice from the states using Hotwire¿¿¿s FlexSaver fare. I ended up with an over 11 hour layover in Amsterdam. I subsequently found out from both a representative and supervisor that on international city layovers, Hotwire¿¿¿s policy is that this could be as long as 18 hours."
From James Woodside: "I keep reading about how Delta has revamped their fare structure and other airlines are matching the new "low fares." I guess this is for select destinations, and their other destinations get bumped up. For instance, we fly regularly from Richmond, VA to Sarasota, FL. I can usually get a RT ticket for under $200 -- usually anywhere from $175-$195. Now since the great fare restructuring, the Delta fare for the same trip is $270!"
From Jeanie Kimball: "Just an FYI: We just went down to WDW to buy one-day Theme Park Tickets and after we walked out the door I noticed that they had an expiration date (of 1/08/05). They never said a word about it when I purchased them. When I went back in they said all tickets now have expiration dates; it's something new they just started."
From Judy Kirby: "I am trying to find someone who has spent time in Mongolia, or knows something about it. My son is considering going there to teach English for at least 6 months, maybe a year. What is it like? I know the weather is harsh, but how harsh exactly? Is Ulan Bator a modern city with conveniences like Internet access for example?"
From Jane B.: "I just finished my first visit to Jekyll Island, located midway between Jacksonville and Savannah. If you want to unwind and get away from it all, and do so affordably, I recommend a trip here in January."

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