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Whether you've dreamed of sipping Italian wine in Chianti, finding your way through the labyrinth of catacombs in Rome, or just itching to overpay for a gondola ride in Venice, the current slew of discounted airfares and deals to Italy should make your decision to book a bit easier.
Every year thousands of whales make their way from the frigid waters of the Arctic toward the lagoons of Baja California and the government-protected waters of Samaná province in the Dominican Republic.
Be ready: Starting January 23, all persons, including U.S. citizens, who are entering or re-entering the United States and traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda, will be required to present a valid passport.
Adventure travel today can mean anything from glacier climbing in New Zealand to leisurely walks through Scotland to kite surfing in Costa Rica. Adventures are open to everyone, from a basic hike to trekking through Egypt.
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From GarryRF: "I find that one of the Highlights of visiting a new country is a finding the nearest market. See what the local crafts are -- and maybe try some locally grown fruit that I've never seen before."
From JoeC: "I've visited Paris a couple of times and have found there are things you can do to increase the level of acceptance you experience from the Parisians. Can anyone share any helpful tips they have for dealing with the French?"
From Deborah C: "We are going to Disney World at the end of April/early May. Can anyone please tell me where the best places are to see the parades in the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Spectromagic and Disney Wishes?"
From gregpool: "With all the political unrest last year in Mexico City, I decided to cancel my trip to Mexico City last August. I would like to try again in November 2007."
From beejankur: "My family and I intend to visit Spain and Portugal for 18 days next month. Does anyone know restaurants that are vegetarian-friendly and/or websites with this specific information?"

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