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New sales have been announced and already-should-have-expired promotional fares have been extended for domestic and international routes.
Maybe their political friends can't count ballots correctly, but the folks in the Miami cultural and botanic fields know what they're doing, all right. Around Valentine's Day this February, they'll be having the 40th annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, in what Sunshine Artist magazine calls the number one fine arts fete in the USA.
The continent across the pond remains the number one overseas destination for Americans, despite the problems of the economy, reduced flight schedules, and insulting-to-the-intelligence airport procedures designed to make passengers think they are being protected from terrorists. France leads the list, with Great Britain running a close second, but the smaller countries should not be overlooked.
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Reader's Voice
From Walt: "Does anyone know why it cost more to fly one way than round trip? What is the penalty if you book a round trip and never use the return portion just to avoid the 120% increase in the fare?"
From Janice Botha: "I would like to know if International Living can do what they say with the free information they we're giving in the link provided by Frommers. I am interested but do not want to waste time and money on a scam. We would like to retire in either France or Portugal and it seems they can provide helpful information, but again I do not want to be misled. Please help and thank you for any response."
From Sue Pauls: "Okay, I've searched everywhere and found very little information about mudlarking. I will be in London in early August, and the highlight of my trip will be mudlarking along the River Thames. Can anyone give me advice on where, when, and how to get a permit? I've gone to the Port Authority site, and it doesn't give any information."
From Diane Callahan: "If you ever get a call saying you just have to sit in on a presentation for a vacation plan (could be from a company called Vacation Galleria), and that just for sitting in you'll get a free 4 day/3 night trip to Vegas for two, air and hotel included, run away as fast as you can!!! I bought into their pack of lies and will be paying for it for the next couple of years."
From B. Johnson: "Found out after bestfare screwed up my Thanksgiving trip that there is a grace period after purchasing tickets. This is something they don't tell you at the time of sale. Now I'm stuck with 2 tickets with a hefty penalty of $100 each to change and a membership which gets you very little. You do not have to be a member to take advantage of there prices. You are better off using a free service such as Travelocity. Do your homework before joining this weak travel company even if it is recommended by Frommer's."

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