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Deals from the east coast abound, from cheap hotel-flight packages, to guided bicycle tours of the most abundant tulip fields and gardens, with accommodations on floating hotel barges.
Imagine wafting over virgin Kenyan grasslands and woodlands in a hot air balloon. Migration season is picking up, and herds of wildebeest behind you are seeking greener pastures. As you drift over a glade of acacia trees, you spot a buffalo, dropping a calf, before your eyes. And nary a telephone pole adulterates this view of raw, African nature.
We've got the latest on new hotels, hot restaurants and more.
Take part in an American-operated English language school based in Spain. Specializing in one-week English immersion programs for companies located in Spain, Vaughan offers 7- to 10-day trips that provide housing and food for qualified applicants who want to spend a week of their life speaking English in Spain.
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From TRUCKESCRT: "I have been looking around and can't seem to find an answer to my questions about US Airways, nothing on the internet or news about their status. Did someone bail them out? I received an email from them for a HUGE Airfare sale and then a few days later, another HUGE sale. I have also received several emails from travel sites referencing the big sales, but thus far, Frommer's has been the only site honest enough to post real information a while back, but no updates recently. Did I miss a report? I am holding two $600 vouchers for anywhere they fly and really want to know if they are in good shape or not. Is it safe to book and make hotel reservations, etc. or do I just wait? Help!"
From Maureen513: "We are planning a trip on US Airways from PHL to Orlando with a 14 month old in September. We will be using our Dividend Miles for the tickets, and are debating between getting 3 seats in coach, or just 2 in first class. Anyone have any experience with lugging a car seat on the plane? I have read that during takeoff and landing the child must be in your lap and not the car seat anyway (I can't figure out why). Any experiences you could share would be very helpful."
From rjday: "My Mom wants to go to Vegas for her 84th birthday. It'll be the first time for all of us. Any suggestions for shows that she'd like and would be appropriate? Anyone been to the "Rat Pack" at the Greek Isle? How about a "clothed" Vegas show? Is it worth paying for a tour of Vegas and/or Hoover Dam?"
From michdaley: "I am looking for a great place to go snowmobiling anytime between late Feb through mid-April. We are beginning skiers and might ski one day out five and will most likely spend most of our time wanting to explore on our own on a snowmobile taking photos. Any suggestions?"
From Valerie E: "I just took a Contiki tour to Italy in December and let me tell you it was such an amazing experience! I totally recommend this trip to anyone who is on a budget, wants to see a lot in a short amount of time with people your age from all over the world! I am 21 years old and this was my first time traveling with people my age in Europe. I had gone to Europe a couple of times with my family but experiencing Italy with people your age is a 100 times better!"

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