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Sales on fares to Hawaii, New York City, London and Paris really shine in this week's round-up. Also look for discounts on routes to Africa and the Caribbean.
With plush fields, rich history, a sparsely populated countryside, pristine beaches, and busy urban areas, these Vietnam sojourns pack in three or four vacation types within a two-week periods. The country holds some surprises, too -- where else can you find a string of leftover French colonial mansions held together by strips by bamboo?
Not only do you gain the invaluable experience of travel, but more often than not you are immersed in a local culture, meeting local people and sharing their lives.
America's national parks are protected and designated as such because, quite simply, they are the most gorgeous outdoor landscapes this country has to offer. See for yourself.
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Fares on sale now for flights to Amsterdam
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Reader's Voice
From borntotravel: "Last month, I finally realized a 10-year dream when I visited Malta and Gozo. First, let me just say that although it's quite a long haul from the United States (I took three planes, two cars and a ferry to reach my initial destination of Gozo) going there is absolutely worthwhile."
From PoisonIvy: "My husband and I are considering a vacation in Cape Town, but I'd like to know more about the racial climate there. We are both African American. My concern is that we would not be treated well in the tourist areas of Cape Town, which I gather are almost exclusively white. Can anyone comment on this, beyond the common platitude that apartheid is no longer a problem in S. Africa?"
From mr. john: "I book airline travel for my small company's traveling employees. Most tickets are done last minute, and I pay a premium charge for the tickets. American Airlines has changed their policy and will not allow me to charge an employee ticket on my business credit card because the credit card is not in the traveling employee's name. They will allow me to do it if I pay an additional fee by calling American and verbally paying for the held ticket."
From bemc99: "I would like to find out if there are any camps in a European country where I can take my son while on vacation this summer. We want him to be exposed to different languages."
From Amy Seiler: "I found Picasso Tours to be a wonderful company to deal with when I took their 'Istanbul Special' 5-night trip in November, 2005. We were upgraded at no charge to the very comfortable Empire Palace Hotel in the Old City, and Marcelo, the agent I dealt with over the phone, was an absolute pleasure. Picasso Tours has a wide variety of trips with excellent pricing."

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