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Domestic airfares right now are going through an extended period of sales, which is great for travelers. As soon as one sale expires, it seems like another pops up to take its place. That doesn't mean you should be complacent, of course; at any moment, all these sales might vanish for a while.
You'll find plenty of sunshine and low-cost relaxation south of the border.
Everyone loves lows prices, and we love HotelDiscounts.com, which continues to send out dozens of reduced rates for hotels they represent throughout the world. Here are just a few samples from their latest list, plus our own suggestions for paying less when you're away.
San Diego museums concentrate on the quirky, the oddball, and the unique: these are great little places that you're not going to see in many other cities. February is "Museum Month," when tourists and residents alike can get into a slew of local museums for half price.
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Affordable airfares between Denver and Alaska
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Reader's Voice
From Wendy Eaton: "Maine is a large state and has many other lovely areas that welcome tourists other than the coastal regions. Some of my favorite are the Greenville-Moosehead Lake area as well as the western mountains and the Rangeley area. Rangeley area is especially beautiful in the fall foliage season. Where are your favorite inland spots?"
From Janet Ennis: "Does anyone know what to do to get a pet onboard the plane under the seat? How do you go about it and which airlines allow pet travel? Thanks!"
From Ursula Strauss: "Has anyone gone to the Baltics without a tour? We would like to go to Tallinn, which everybody says is a beautiful city, Riga, Vilnius & Kaunas. How do the trains, planes & buses work? How about a visa for Kaliningrad, is that still difficult? Could someone give me some help that went to the Baltics recently? I know they will be part of Europe in 2004 and will have the Euro as their currency."
From Kathy Kapes: "We will be cruising on the Norwegian Wind soon. I am worried now! I have read some bad reports of this ship (read some bad reports on every ship, actually!) and I wondered if anyone has sailed recently and if they have some good things to tell me. Also, our cruise appears to be sold out. What can you tell me about freestyle dining, seating for shows, debarking at ports, finiding pool lounge chairs, etc. on the Norwegian Wind when it is sold out?"
From Art Kosatka: "I've had problems with Hotels.com before, but this one convinces me to stop using them altogether. My earlier one involved a reservation on which they got the wrong date, cost, and number of people, and then charged my VISA $15 for cancelling their error. This time, their confirmed reservation at the Kansas City Airport Ramada was nowhere to be found. When I showed the desk clerk the printed confirmation, she said, 'are you nuts? They booked you at nearly DOUBLE the rack rate.'"

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