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For those who are steadfast in their resolve to travel alone, there are still plenty of resources out there.
Here's a roundup of both short- and long-term sales on domestic foreign routes. Consider especially some standout fares to Central America.
Regardless of where the damage occurred, the whole country is feeling the loss of tourism revenues, but some feedback tells us that seems to be on the recovery as well. We haven't seen the expected slathering of sales yet, but here are some good values that have passed across our desk.
We take a look at where your dollar can still get a reasonable travel deal and be put to good use boosting tourism in a some spots off the beaten track.
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Along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta
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Reader's Voice
From mstiehl: "I've read in the guidebook, and seen it posted here, that the caves in Rochefort are well worth seeing. Has anyone been there and are they really worth the trip? My wife and I have four days in Brussels in the middle of March."
From GeorgeW: "Does anyone know anything about this outfit at www.2afrika.com? They seem pretty good. They seem to have a good handle on African budget tourism, since I was just looking at a trip that was going to cost me $20,000 and 2Afrika seems to be able to do a similar trip for less than $5,000."
From efschlenk: "India has been my wife's travel dream for years. The first time we attempted to go, our tour was grounded by the nightmare of 9/11. This time our tour was grounded by last weekend's Blizzard of '05. Our experiences taught us a few things about international package tours that may be useful even under normal travel conditions."
From GrlinTheCity: "Does anyone know any good places that serve real Puerto Rican, Creole or Caribbean food? I will be in the Condado area. I don't want to to to any tourist traps, just looking for good places that locals enjoy. Thanks!"
From Maggie Miles: "We had a wonderful time aboard the sailing trawler Wanderbird this summer. The website is www.wanderbirdcruises.com."

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